Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jupiter Work IV: Results

I started this work in April of 2011. A lot of things have changed in my life since then.

Since adopting the goals mentioned previously, I've met more local folks interested in the Johannite Way than I had up to that point. I started finding good, committed folks, people who shared the goal of expansion. I've had interest from all over the PNW, and thanks to the help of Michael Strojan and Jason Thu, have bodies established both in Seattle and Portland. I've had feelers of interest from Port Angeles, Eugene, Salem, and McMinnville.

Growth has been slow but steady on the establishing 7 bodies in 5 years front. I've had two established in 2 years, and those two seem to have solid foundations and good people supporting it.

The longer term project of something truly Johannite is proceeding well. I've found a piece of property with potential to be what I need for that sort of project. I have a vision of a project that is able to be accomplished by me, in a reasonable amount of time, with minimal outside support. I have good relations with people who are doing either similar things, or with non-corporeal beings who are pulling the currents of time and fate and resources in my direction.

My personal situation is working out well, too. I have a steadily increasing sphere of responsibility and work in my secular employment. I have several side streams of income which are starting to manifest. I've helped a friend publish a book on Kindle, and that gains me some small amount of income. There are other books in the works for that. I also have a few books of my own that I'm writing, which I hope people will like.

Another stream of potential income aligns with my lovely girlfriend's interests, the raising of chickens for meat and eggs. We're also thinking of other livestock that we can raise on the farm. I'm not sure if it will ever be a sole source of income, but as a side one it should work nicely.  Also, we just like keeping animals.  And the work I've done so far, has helped to make this possible.

This post goes out on Thursday, the day of Jupiter, during the Jupiter Hour.  To your Health and Necessary wealth, ladies and gentlemen. All praise to the Most High, thanks to Tzadkiel for his assistance, and may his beneficence rain down on those who seek it.

Tomorrow: Part V, Risks.

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+rue said...

"pulling the currents of time and fate and resources in my direction." wow, that sounds powerful. maybe subtle and sublime too, but certainly powerful.