Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Jupiter Work III: Rituals

The ritual has a group component and a solitary component. The group component I will be mostly silent about, except for the fact that I toast all the members of the group (singly and as a group) as well as my family and Church members. The toast is to their health and necessary wealth.

For the solitary component, I use a ritual developed by +Rufus Opus called "The Gate of Jupiter" once a month. It can be found here. I've used all the planetary rites, and recommend them all. In this rite, you basically cast a circle, and call upon the Most High in his aspects as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, to send the angel (Tzadkiel) to give you direction, and then to help direct the energies as you need them directed to accomplish your goals in line with the Will of Heaven.

The ritual then has you draw a circle, light some incense, and summon the angel into the crystal by beseeching the Most High to send the angel named in a pleasing and helpful form. Then there is a period of questioning the spirit and meditation with Jupiter aligned music and substances (incense, whiskey).

A key component of this rite is you dress up. You put on your best finery. You wear your cufflinks and suit and rings and everything you have that is wonderful and luxurious. It's a fun night for me, with suits and whiskey and the like.

Tomorrow: Part IV, Results

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