Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jupiter Work II: My Work and Approach

When I started the work, I wanted my success to aid in the success of the Church of St. John. That's my kingdom, that's my goal, to expand the church and my own role and influence.

At first, I took a lot of time looking at how I could do that. I'm already a fairly central member of the Church: I'm the treasurer, I'm on the Apostolic Council, and I have a great deal of influence over what happens in the liturgical life of the Church. However, I wanted to concentrate on the local level, and look more closely on what I could do at that level.  And I set a goal. I wanted to have seven new church bodies (Narthexes, Missions, etc) in 5 years in the Pacific North west.

I also wanted to lay the ground work so that, in 5 years, I could build a permanent site for Johannites to come to. I wanted it to be out of the way and natural, so a slight pilgrimage required. I also wanted it to be something unique, something truly Johannite. That's the 10 year goal.

In this work, I've been primarily invoking the Divine by the names El and Jupiter, and the messengers Tzadkiel and Sachiel. It's been working very well for me. Other members of a group who are doing this work have been invoking Enlil, or Jupiter, or Zeus, or various other names, and having similar results. It's been a very good working for us all.

I've made fairly simple tools for this work: I have a wooden lamen that has the correct angel written on paper and glued to it. I have a paper table of practice that I did the calligraphy for, on blue paper. On the altar below, you can also see my Jupiter Candle, a statue of Tzadkiel, 4 other blue candles (as 4 is the number of Jupiter) and the crystal ball in which the spirit appears. The crystal ball rests in the blue Table of Practice.

Tomorrow: Part III, Rituals

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