Monday, February 18, 2013

Jupiter Work I: Theory

I had a request to talk more about my Jupiter work, and what it means for me spiritually, and in my larger schemes. This post will address theory.

Under medieval (and even earlier) thought, each planet rules certain spheres of life. Mercury rules learning, healing, etc. Mars rules martial things, issues of power, and the like.

Jupiter rules health and wealth. The planet influences kingship, rulership, also enjoyment, extravagance, abundance. This is the planet one turns to in order to influence your material aspects not in the short term, but the long term. Magic and spirits in this sphere aid in the growth and expansion of your resources, your kingdom, so to speak.

A person can't rule over the outer without ruling over the inner. The first steps of the Jupiter work concentrate on this aspect. You determine what your goals are, and then begin to focus the spirits and your own energies on those goals. You start reading about that which you'd like to accomplish. You start thinking about it, coming up with ideas. You start trimming parts of your life that don't help with those goals, and the people who drain energy from those goals.

Once this discipline is established, the magic starts to take over. Your vision of what constitutes your kingdom solidifies. You start seeing where the barbarians are raiding, and build better protections. You seek out allies, both corporeal and non-. You start big public works projects, some of which are only there to add to the prestige of the kingdom, some of which provide resources. You start looking at better ways to use the resources you have.

Eventually, your kingdom expands. Once you've expanded, you need to take a bit of time to consolidate the gains, otherwise it'll all evaporate or explode (both of which are uncontrolled expansions). Also, you learn to delegate, as you can't watch over every detail of the newly expanded kingdom.  Then, you can start working on the next expansion, once the kingdom has absorbed what was just given.

Tomorrow: Jupiter Work II: My Work.

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