Wednesday, February 27, 2013


The other day, I was playing on facebook, and I asked a friend of mine for her star chart information. I then proceeded to tell her about herself based on planetary placement in the chart.

Some of the information was because I did know her. Some of it was because of the archetypal information contained in most astrological descriptions is vague and broad, and many of us have the qualities listed in some degree or another.

I've thought about trying an experiment, about listing out my qualities in regards to various things and then trying to get 3 astrologers to get something close to my chart. Knowing my chart, and knowing my qualities, I wonder if they could get close.  It'd also be interesting to have someone else list my qualities, and then see how close my chart got.

That said, recently I've been made aware on how the ideas in astrology pervade our culture. Pop songs talk about reading the stars wrong. Almost everyone knows what their astrological sign is, whether or not they believe in it. Many people follow their horoscope in the newspaper.

Further, the idea of fate pervades our culture. That our situation when we're born determines our station in life. That our life is guided by the stars.

Defiance of this idea is the heart of the Gnostic myths of old. The course of our lives is not determined by the Archons that rule the skies. We are the shards of the Divine, trapped in matter, but not matter. We are not our bodies, controlled by stars. We are souls surrounded by bodies, and we strive for the divine. The fates, the stars that say they determine us, simply obstruct us.

There were differences of opinion on how this was to be accomplished. Some thought a complete rejection of the world was the best way. Others thought one should talk with the Archons, and learn the passwords for escaping when the time came. Some thought rituals would give you the passage they sought.

Personally, I'm not sure yet. I don't thing rejection is the best way. Perhaps it is possible to navigate these fates, to steer the ship of my own divinity on a course of my own making. Perhaps I can simply run before the wind. I don't know. We'll see.

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