Sunday, April 22, 2012

Grooving with the Local Spirits

On Friday night, a bag was stolen from my girlfriend's new truck, along with her wallet. The bag had some fairly high priced items in it: A flip camera, an Android tablet, and my Cpap which I need to breathe at night. So that sucks.

 Yesterday, I was sick, but looked up all sorts of return the property and punish the thieves kind of rituals. Then I went to bed when I couldn't get them to print, as I only had about 10% brain power.

Today, they found my girlfriend's wallet, in the parking lot of a store about 10 blocks from where we were. So, I had so me time. I went to the store, got her wallet, and bought a beeswax candle. I went back out to my car, and made an offering of my energy and the candle to the spirits, in exchange for something that would help me with the loss of the bag: information, spotting it, etc.

I then took the dog, and proceeded to walk up and down Burnside, asking folks if they'd seen my bag. I asked folks who spend time outside: Valets, car wash guy, and the homeless.

I didn't have a lot of luck, but I just let my eyes go vague, and followed my instincts. I talked to a bunch of nice folks, and donated some money to one guy who was having trouble with his bike lock. At one point, I spotted a bag very similar to mine, and felt the urge to follow it until the gentleman carrying it went into a store. Down the street, I saw a homeless man with a big cart, but I was almost finished. I didn't really want to bother any more homeless people with my hopeless quest, but something made me say 'ok, last one', and go up to him.

He was a nice, older, hispanic gentleman with kindly blue eyes. His eyes were really striking. I explained everything to him, but he had no idea. I asked him if he needed anything, and gave him a couple dollars. I thanked him for his time, took the dog, and continued on my way.

He came running after me, and stopped me. He had a bag full of crystals and stones with words engraved on them. Eternity. Faith. A crystal egg. A marble turtle. A couple purple banded ones. Probably $50 worth of stones in a new age shop. He gave them to me, because I gave him two dollars and he couldn't help me out. He had no idea I was a magician, just a guy looking for his bag.

So I finished my quest for the day, thanked the spirits, and lit the candle when I got home. All the crystals got a ritual rinse, and then the crystal egg went on the altar as an offering to the spirits. The rest will get left around town or given away as I see fit or am directed (although I might keep the amber for something else).

I found it to be a successful little street magic working. I didn't find what I was looking for, but I somehow got more than I expected. I'm not nearly as annoyed about having my bag stolen.

I got home, and found out the little shrine to Jesus that was in the front yard is missing. I think the landscapers cleared that out. Gonna have to build a new one. Apparently, I'd been neglecting my associations with the local spirits, and they've been letting me know.

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