Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Year, New You: Making Way

This is in response to the prompt of last week.  I'm about a week behind on this.

Music: Furr, by Blitzen Trapper
Deities: I'm gonna go with Our Lady of the Woods on this one.
Moon Phase & Day: Waning, Wed. 12/21

I've been keeping up with my banishing, keeping things cleansed.  Sunday I did the bathrooms and took out the garbage.  Haven't really gotten through with vaccuming my room or changing my bedding though.  I think Wed. will be a good day like that.

I've already cut my tv watching/video game playing down quite a bit.  Going more for reading and talking with people.  I had a little bit, but I was also making a present, so I feel OK about it.  My biggest time waste is my commute, but even then I'm trying to listen to books on tape.

I'm not sure what I carry around, except the death of my Father, which happened 13 years ago or so last week.  Every year it casts a bit of a pall over my holidays.  It's slowly getting to be less and less of an issue, and I had a great time this year.

My home and romantic lives are transitioning as well.   Not a bad transition, in any sense, but still unknown and so it causes a bit of anxiety.  For the first time ever, I'm looking to live alone.  No roommates. No family. No girlfriend or wife living with me.  Just... me.  I'll still be dating Emily and we'll still see each other quite a bit, but we're currently going in different directions.

Do I like me enough to actually spend time with myself?  What will it be like to have just myself to take care of, to make decisions for?  To not have to consider someone else in how my home is organized?

Interesting stuff.

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Deborah Castellano said...

A v. good start! I've never lived alone before, I'll be interested to see how you find it :)