Monday, December 26, 2011

New Year, New You: Goals Progress

Two noteworthy milestones:

1) The Hesychasm Prostrations have made it into my daily practice.  I've been slowly increasing the number (from 10 to 60).  Unfortunately, just before Christmas I hurt my knee, and every time I get up from laying on the floor it causes great pain.  So, rather than put it off, I've been doing another physical act of devotion: I touch the floor after every repetition of the Jesus Prayer.  After 4 days, I'm starting to notice physical differences (mostly a bit of soreness after, a bit of sweat during).  Also, my  mental state is staying quite even.

2) Divinations:  I voluntarily did a divination this morning.  It's geomancy, so it's complex and only about half calculated, but I had a question and I now have the information for the answer.   An interesting occurence for me.

Something I didn't plan on or mention is a resumption of journaling.  And a renewed dedication to getting the work done in my Order.

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