Monday, June 28, 2010


I've gone through some changes since my last post.

I've lost my job.  I'm having trouble finding a new one.  In this economy that's to be expected.  So, I'm also looking at alternatives:  Project work, industry switches, etc.

Today, I had to go out and visit my old place of work.  I never liked it much.  And I went to visit the restaurant where I went to lunch, which I'll miss a lot more.

It's odd.  Never liked the job, never liked the people I worked with.  But it was part of my life for 2 years, and I think I got used to it.  So, I'm sad to be leaving.  I don't think I should be sad, and I can only tell I'm sad by the strange, bad habits that are starting to come up.  It's nice to be aware enough to at least realize I'm slipping into bad habits, even if I'm having trouble stopping them.

I'm not terribly sad, though.  I'm looking forward to the new adventures that are coming.  However, it's hard not to stand and look back.  The past was comfortable, the future promises to be less so.  And I like my comfort.

Lord, give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the strength to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.



Rufus Opus said...

amen, man. It might also be fear, not just sad. I go into a low-grade panic when I'm unemployed that lasts until about three months after I get my next job.

It'll be ok. All things work together for good for those who love God.

Rev. Donald Donato said...

We're all rooting for you. Having been in that situation, as you no doubt vividly remember, I can give you some hope. Your comfort is defined by your presence in the moment, not by the things or habits to which you have become accustomed. They float away, leaving you with a brand new canvass. You can create the new comfort just as easily as you got accustomed to the old. I have no doubt that my transition was helped by you and many others who remembered me at that time. You are certainly at the top of all of our lists in that department. I know you know that you'll find the right way. But it doesn't hurt to remind you right about now.

Marcelo said...

Good luck with your time of "vacatio", may it show you opportunities that your comfortable fullness kept at bay.

Don't look back, though, or anima may leave... remember Orpheus and Lot...


pete smith said...

getting fired is @#%!@#$. being unemployed is @#$!@#$!@#$. thinking about it is !@#$!@#$.

i HOPE you are feeling rotten about it. if you weren't, you would be surpressing natural feelings, right? and that can't be good.

but i'm glad you feel you have a new lease on life. just go for it.

it's hard, though----as a career coach, and as someone who has been involuntarily unemployed and am now UNDERemployed (working on it!) I can say that usually the biggest thing to fight is the malaise and lethargy that come with the stress and panic.

fight the lethargy with all your heart, might and soul. feeling like !@#$#$ will happen, alot. embrace it, write about it, share it with friends (me!). feeling tired: fight like a mad dog. it is the enemy.

just my two cents.

oh. and if you could say a prayer for my own battle re the same, i'd be in your debt.

i raise my sword in your honor, friend. be bold!

Senko said...

I totally understand you, I'm going through the same situation at this moment. Just walking around the area the school I used to work in, makes me feel between sad and nostalgic. But well, time to move on... the Lord always has something in store for us...

Blessings in Christ and Sophia,