Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I'm beginning to understand why esoteric aims are undertaken in silence.

Most of the people out there are not sympathetic towards the aims of the esotericist. That's simply the way it is.

Also, participation in internet forums is a drain on your energy. At least, on my energy.

Sigh. I've met some very knowledgeable and informative people. I've also met some obstinate curmudgeons. Sometimes in the same people.

Ah well. I'm in the final 6 months of Abremelin anyway. Perhaps I need to withdraw more.


Anonymous said...

i guess the forums have been shut down, anyway.


Monsignor Scott Rassbach said...

Yup. But if you still want some gnostic goodness, you should check out http://spiralinward.com/forum/

Anonymous said...

to be silent, to will, to dare, to know...in his letter on the 10th card of the Major Arcanum of the Tarot, Tomberg writes, "It is necessary to restrain the bull in us in order to elevate it to the Bull. This means to say that the instinctive desire which shows itself as rage concentrated upon a single thing, and blinds one to everything else, is to be restrained and thus elevated to the propensity for profound meditation. The entire operation is summarized in Hermeticism by the words "to be silent".
I'm still working on elevating my bull too...LOL. One day tho I will Gnow the Sphinx! Thanks for the link as well, I hope our approach to our Immaculate Conception finds you and yours well.