Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Knowledge and Conversation

The more I practice magic, the weirder it gets. I'm definitely taking Israel Regardie up on his advice, and getting some therapy as I go along. I've done a bit, and the therapist regarded it as a nice way to explore my subconcious.

I have ceased to take that view.

While my HGA is definitely linked to me in some way, it's just as definitely not part of me. New avenues of exploration have opened up that have not been there previously. Articulations of vague fuzzy mystical concepts have become clear, and are not necessarily similar to previous concepts of similar types. Names have come to me. Sigils. Visualizations are much more clear. Currents are more apparent. Probable outcomes for courses of action are obvious.

A lot has changed. I'm still doing the Abremelin working, but the guide and method have changed from the book. So I'm not sure if I'm still doing the Abremelin working except for this fact: After the journey, seen to it's completion, the Lords of Hell will be bound.

That's very, very interesting to me.

On the one hand, I'm a priest. I can bind them already. This is going to be different. It's sort of the difference between a deputy and being the sheriff. As a deputy, you're authorized by the Sheriff to go out and enforce the law. As a Sheriff, you're authorized by a higher authority, and you have more lee-way and options in how you enforce the law. You're still bound to enforce the law, but the source of authority is different. As a deputy, you can make arrests. As a Sheriff, you can make policy.

Priesthood gives me one form of spiritual authority. K&C gives me another. Priesthood allows me to bind the spirits and send them away, casting out spirits and demons in the name of the Logos. K&C allows me to bind the spirits, and give them orders in the name of the Most High. It's a subtle but important difference.

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Rose Weaver said...

Therapy is definitely helpful as weirdness abounds. It helps keep us grounded as we do our work. :)

Regarding the HGA, I'm firmly rooted in the logical. However, so many odd experiences throughout my lifetime force me to keep an incredibly open mind. This dichotomy keeps me on the fence with regards to whether or not the HGA is part of me, or is my Guide, who is most definitely not part of me.

I've come to the conclusion that it really doesn't matter. What matters is the Knowledge He is there, and our Conversations.

Nice post. I enjoy your work.