Sunday, January 11, 2009


Well, it's been an ecumenical week for me this week.

I've been wanting to get to know some of the folks in smaller churches around my area, so on Thursday, I went to a Spiritualist service. They were all very nice people, and I broached the subject of an ecumenical worship building with them. They seemed interested.

I have another group in mind, the Madison Sufis, who might want to invest in an ecumencial building.

Lastly, tonight I stopped and chatted with the Rev. Mark Cobb and Rev. Wayne (?) of the New Testament Christian Church, who have a small 1000 sq foot office space they're renting as a church. They're looking at moving out, and there's another space in their complex of similar size, that would work for a worship space. I'm intrigued, and will be trying to work with smaller religious organizations on a time share sort of arrangement.

Hopefully, we can make something like that happen. House churches are neat, but having worship space is ideal.


Rufus Opus said...

Post a donate button. I gots tithes to tithe. Google checkout lets it go right to your bank account, eh? :)

Monsignor Scott Rassbach said...


Frater Paal said...

I'd been thinking about finding some groups to share a space with our proto-Narthex. The Unitarians here in Brisbane don't have their own space for starters. There's a few other groups that might be interested too.

Even if it just opens lines of communication between us all, it'll be interesting investigating the possibility.

Anonymous said...

having worship space is super ideal, for sure. sometimes i think about where i want to be in ten years and when i do i tend to see meself in the southwest desert i love so much, building a straw bale church or something in one of the little border towns that might become boom towns sometime in the future.

best of luck with the endeavors!