Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More Meditations on Earth


This author also draws attention to the link between what goes on in our bodies and what goes on in our manifestations of spirituality. She prays less, is less kind, is less patient, when she is tired, unhealthy, and overbooked. Shocking, I know. But it's good to relate that time and again.

Overbooking is a temporal manifestation of an artificial system. We try to do too much because we've labeled it "important". Is the world REALLY going to end if we don't go to this party, or buy that gift? Probably not.

Meditation is doing something. Prayer is doing something. It is trying to contact the divine, to rest this material form, and bring that divine energy down into the world. Recharge. Refresh. Renew.


Robert said...

Personally my best experiences with prayer and meditation is when I am into motion; a walking meditation. Of course it depends on the definition of meditation itself, but I feel that I have gotten a closer relationship with the divine when I inject personal prayer into my own state of motion. I manage to stress less since I also take time honoring the lord when I walk.

I am just another human being, and am by no means perfect. But I think one key to meditation and bringing down the spirit of the divine into the mundane could be by making prayer part of your everyday life.

Just a few thoughts. Thanks for an interesting blog.

Soror A.M.Y said...

Overbooking can lead to "Hurry sickness", where one is almost always rushing from one task to another and another, until it becomes a way of life.
My husband and I have both been really focusing on this lately. On not rushing through life. On taking time to smell the roses in everything we do. On being mindful of the moment we are in, not having our feet in another facet of time such as the past or the future.

This is a great blog. I'm enjoying the reading, and it's bringing about some important thought experiments within me.