Thursday, July 31, 2008


Jeg ser vi har noen lesere fra Norge. Jeg vetkan svært lite norsk. Dette er en Google-oversettelsen. Jeg beklager. Jeg vil prøve å lære mer, og kanskje legge på den litt.
Rett min grammatikk dersom jeg gjør en feil.

I see we have some readers from Norway. I know very little Norwegian. This is a google translation. I'm sorry. I'll try to learn a bit more, and maybe post in it a bit. Please correct my grammar if I make a mistake.


TerjeDB said...

First sentence peachy fine.
Second, its the old episteme/gnosis glitch actually - I _know_ very little Norwegian has the same syntax, but we say _kan_ (literally can/manage/handle) rather than _vet_ (know) - I believe some gaelic variants have Ken about Know , in this they have similarities.
Google Translate is one fine concept, it's actually way better than many pay-for-it programs I have tried to use throughout the years. Third sentence, what doesn't compute there is a fixed form of "translation" when you actually used an indefinite in the English, i.e. __oversettelse_ is the correct form rather than _oversettelsEN_.
How "post in it" becomes "legge på den litt" (tr. Add/gain to it) evades me completely; last week I needed a English-Norwegian, Norwegian-English translation and tried to find it on the Google translation services and there was none - so the current engine is ûberBeta.. The rest was a dream, much more precise than I would ever expect it to be. I have been doodling with a French/English engine and it's a headache since everything becomes fragmented and puzzled because the sentence structure/order is different.
I have been meaning to write a Norwegian blog, but it never came off the ground.
All I can say is good luck, Scott.

Monsignor Scott Rassbach said...

Thank you for your comments, terje. I appreciate the input.

I'm actually trying to learn French as we speak, so the Norwegian is taking a back seat at the moment. I'll get to it, though.