Friday, May 16, 2008

California Ruling on Same Sex marriage

As a member of the clergy of the Apostolic Johannite Church, I am very happy to post this:

It is with a healthy measure of relief and joy that the Apostolic
Johannite Church applauds the decision of the California Supreme Court
to overturn the ban on same-sex marriages.

Throughout its history, the Apostolic Johannite Church has remained
committed to the principles enshrined in both Canon Law and its
Statement of Principles- making no distinction between heterosexual and
homosexual marriages providing they represent sacramental vows of union.

Further to this, the Apostolic Johannite Church likewise recognizes the
need for and gives its support to civil ceremonies of marriage,
recognizing the freedom of choice of all human beings to engage in a
religious or secular life as they see fit, celebrating their lives
through civil, social and religious tradition.

It is our hope that other communities, religious denominations and
governments will look upon the example given anew by California, and
supported by such countries as the Netherlands, Canada and Spain, and
work to likewise outline and uphold the right of all their citizens and
adherents to the recognition of the value of their partnerships.

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