Wednesday, October 24, 2007

10-20-30 meme

I got tagged by my friend and donkey-wrangler Donald at In Puris Naturalibus. I'm supposed to tell you what I was doing ten, twenty and thirty years ago.

For those who are mathematically challenged that would be 1997, 1987 and 1977, respectively.

1997: According to my resume, I was an access programmer in Metairie, LA, just starting to get interested in Theology, hanging with a prophet, and totally not preparing for my father's immanent death. I had just started on the path to Engagement (November 13th) and was starting to sort out the chaos that was my post-collegiate life. I was a tender lad, all of 25, and just figuring out what the Law meant to me. Trying to be an adult.

1987: I would have been 15, meeting my oldest friends (Debbie and Greg) at that time, and wondering what life had in store. I know I was into role-playing games, girls, and dodging football. I went out with Stephanie for a while, but at this point she would have dumped me, and I'd probably be dating Sheila. Not a good move, on any one's part. I do remember dumping her ignomiously at the roller rink, and her parents having to give me a ride home. That wasn't awkward.

: I was 5. I liked Snoopy. We had just moved to our new house, and I remember I wanted to stay the night with my grandparents, but half way through the night I got scared, and wanted to go to my new house. The whole moving change was traumatic for me. I left that house at age 18, and it was sold when I was 19. Just saw the old homestead this weekend, very changed. And my grandfather's place, looking quite unkempt with no residents.

I will not tag others. It is a personal moral choice. Feel free to give it a shot, if you like.

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Donald Donato said...

Awwhhhh. Snoopy. Yes, you strike me as a Peanuts kind of guy. Thanks for playing along...