Thursday, June 07, 2007

Corpus Christi

A vision I had three years ago.

I kept vigil in the Cathedral, hearing the words of Isaiah before the Rising of the Lord, when the Lord came upon me.

And he took me up, and I saw the peoples of the world spread below me. Above their heads was the mark of the Holy Spirit, the tongue of flame seated on their forehead.

And the flames formed the Christ, and I saw that all the elect formed the limbs of the body. Here there were those who witnessed to Jehovah, there the Saints of the Last Days. The Ecclesiasts formed the Torso, the Evangelists the Legs. All the nations of the earth sang the praises of Christ and raised the body which were the believers up from their seats.

And I saw, and understood, that barring the differences, they were all part of the body, as the legs are part of the body, as the arms, as the head. Different functions, one body. I saw everyone was part of the whole, though all different.

And I felt the flame enter me, as it entered them. And the Lord spoke:

This is my body.

And I felt the fire rise up within me. And the Lord spoke:

This is my blood.

And I trembled in fear, for the truth was too great for me then. And I returned to my stone bench, my blood aflame.

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Donald Donato said...

Your vision speaks a language that I think we all share. What terrible beauty, what depth of connection; what an honor for us to have you as our first celebrant of the Mystery of the Eucharist.