Wednesday, May 23, 2007

San Francisco!

I wanted to let folks know (if anyone still reads this) that I'll be in San Francisco from June 8 -12, and will be saying Mass on June 9th. Drop me an email if you want directions and such.


Donald Donato said...

We are really happy to have you here in SF! For those who might be in the area, please see our local blog site with directions, parking, etc. at:

Thanks so much, Fr. R., for being our very first celebrant of our very first AJC Mass here in SF.

You will be welcomed with laurels, barrels of wine and donkeys to carry them (and you, if necessary :)

Brother Red said...

Also still here reading your blog!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! I work at SenSpa in the Presidio and hope to attend this special Gnostic-ish Mass. My heart wants to believe in a married Mary Magdalen who had a child... Anyway, here's to a New Age, of Aquarius, and of humanity stopping the torture and eating of animals, the Earth, and people at war. I hope YOUR CHURCH IS FULL OF VEGANS. One Love, Jeannie Be

Reverend Father Scott Rassbach said...

Hi Jeannie.

No, we're not a church full of vegans.

I just had a yak burger the other day, incidentally. Delicious.

jp said...

San Francisco, Schman Francisco-- when you comin' up to Cascadia???