Friday, April 20, 2007

Looking back


This blog is going to be an attempt to record some of my thoughts and experiences as I pursue ordination in the Apostolic Johannite Church. AJC is a Gnostic Church, focusing on the Christian tradition.

I might also post things here of a general gnostic theme.

I posted the above on July 15, 2005. Now, almost 2 years later, I've been ordained. I've had more experiences with gnostic thought and divine reality than I'd even considered at that point. I've begun the process of divorce. I've moved, I've changed jobs, I've considered a new career.

Strange, how far I've come. What I posted on back then, what I post on now.

I'll keep reviewing. It's good to look back, sometimes, while you're resting.


Donald Donato said...

While you're resting. Yes. I make a habit of looking back every day. It is a useful thing to do if it is done in the right way.

By the by...what happened to your portrait? It's good to see the priest-in-the-flesh :)


Reverend Father Scott Rassbach said...

It's the office that's important, not the person.

Plus, I didn't like that picture.

I'll try to get another one up there, more priestly.

Donald Donato said...

The office, the office, yes! We still want a piece of the new Reverend Father! Don't tell me you spent a week's salary on all those gorgeous vestments for naught! Think of your fans! ;)

Love and respect,