Sunday, October 29, 2006

Halloween, Beer, and Strangers

Ok, I'm feeling better now. I've had a great weekend of blowing off steam, and that has helped just a ton.

Lots of fun things happened: My roommate got arrested (for carrying glass bottles across State Street, of all things. He wasn't even causing trouble), I went to a costume party that was about 25% populated by people in Guy Fawkes "V for Vendetta" costumes, We had 10 strangers stay in our house (all friends of my roommate), and lots of alcohol was had. It was fun. It reminds me of why we moved back to Madison in the first place.

Now that all of that has been expelled, I think it's time to get moving on. My wife bought me a guitar, which I've wanted for 15 years and am now going to start trying to learn, which should be fun as it's a different mental muscle. I've just come into some money, so I'm going to bay some overhanging bills and get a new toy (I'm thinking Zen Vision:M from Creative Labs). I've got a little cash to buy some books I've been wanting, so I think it's just gonna be a hell of a good time.

Thanks for your supportive comments. I think I'm interested again.

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