Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday Afternoon Musings

Have you ever bored yourself?

I have all this stuff going on (Formation, work, home life), but I feel bored and boring. I'm also bored by the stuff that used to interest me (technology, theology, gnostic posturing, etc.). I'm a little worried that clinical depression may be setting in.

Perhaps it's just the fall, coming to roost. Maybe it's Halloween, one of those holiday's I'm supposed to like, and just don't. I have a hard enough time trying to be me, without having to show how creative I am by being someone else.

My Birthday is soon, and I'm going to get a guitar saturday as a b-day present. I used to play piano, but I've always wanted to play guitar. Perhaps that will perk me up.

Or beer. Maybe that'll work.


jp said...

mmmm.... beer....

Joe Daher said...

Screw need liquor...

Perhaps, as I say to quite a lot of my employees, you might be getting burnt out. Usually, a vacation is all that's needed. Or a good "resurgance" of interest - I've forced myself back into reading books of interest before, with great success.

Be weary of laziness, my friend - that'll make you comfortable to a point where everything seems boring.

Just Thoughts,
- Joe

Dean Wilson said...

Joe makes some good points here - sometimes we need to force ourselves out of boredom and apathy, and this can work remarkably well, but does require some substantial effort - and a good bit of cheerleading from friends can help there too.

You are in my prayers, Brother.