Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The firing of Coworkers

I think I've figured out what sucks so bad about having your coworkers fired.

First, there's survivor's guilt. I'm still here, they aren't. That's not fair.

Second, there's none of the rituals that usually accompany someone terminating employment. Someone quits, and there's a card, and some money, and a meal or beer at the local lunch place. When a coworker is fired, especially a well liked one, the lack of those rituals is really quite jarring.

Of course, I don't know exactly how you'd perform that particular ritual in that circumstance. "Hey, you got fired! Well, good luck finding another job!" Doesn't have quite the same ring as "Good luck in your new position." or "I hope your move goes well."

Well, with any luck, I'll avoid the lack of rituals when my time to leave comes.

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+ Mar Iohannes, Ep.Gn. said...

Do the rituals with them anyway- In my previous job I saw about 250-300 people come and go- some I am still friends with today, and good friends to. There were many of times, many many times, where I knew well in advance who was going to get fired and had a hand in firing them, even the ones I liked at times- they just couldnt be worked with in that environment.

They probably would like to know that their value is still there despite the means of parting ways etc. A beer might help that.