Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The All Saints Accord

Jordan's post is definitely something I support. We should definitely make a document that proposes this, and I'm definitely going to support it in my limited administrative and clerical positions. Jordan has my whole-hearted support with no reservations whatsoever, and if I can be of any help I volunteer.

I don't think it will succeed. I think there are too many egos and authoritarians who'll torpedo it, wary of those who step on their turf, or who's understanding is different than their own.

I will support it anyway. It needs to be done, regardless of the possiblity of success.

Most importantly, I could be wrong, and the gnosis will succeed where intellect fails. The wisdom of God is the folly of the world.


Dean Wilson said...

Doing it is the success - the whole point is to not look for reciprocation of acknowledgement.

There's also "the long run" to look at, which, being as optimistic as I am, I feel will be much brighter should this step be taken. Some sympathetic people will start wondering "Hey, why aren't we returning the favour?", and while they may not be leading those organisations at the time, who's to say that growing numbers of them may not (eventually) lead to a more accepting gesture?

Either way, it is definitely a "success".


Shawn™ said...

It feels good to have one such as you on the council.