Friday, June 23, 2006

Yaldobath, Samael, and Lilith

A question from the AGCA mailing list, and my response:

" So "IF" Yaldobah and Samael and Satan are all one and the same ...and a "souless" tribe was created via their union, If one worships Satan or Samael...are they indeed worshipping and promoting the agenda of the demiurge? I am very curious on the Sophian tradition on this matter as Manechians view the unknowable as the one true god and Yaldobah as the Demiurge. Thanks for your help."

Historically, I'm not sure, as I haven't done the reseach.

Theologically, this raises some interesting questions. We, as the Apostolic Johannite Church, believe the divine spark is present in all people. Therefore, the idea of someone as 'soulless' due to descent is antithetical to our assumptions, and we would definitely reject a literal interpretation of this idea.

Mythologically, this is also a problem. The existance of a soulless tribe of individuals would lead to the definition of an 'other', which it is 'OK' to descriminate against. Not a good precedent to set, in my mind.

However, let's move it to the symbolic realm. Adam, Eve, and Lilith are all created at the beginning of time. Lilith is left, while Eve is added. If the Creation of Yaldobah is the entire person, Eve is the Divine spark, the Lilith is perhaps a 'lower nature' within the man, to be struggled against. Those parts of our own being which focus on the creation of this world are the children of Lilith. The rational parts are Adam, the spiritual parts are Eve. When rationality and spirituality join, there's a fruitful meeting. When Rationality and material focus join, there's a union, but perhaps it is not fruitful.

Just musings...

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