Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Mini-Ministry Challenge!

This was posted on the Johannite Mailing List.

Peace to all

Everyone here on this list is here because they are interested in
Gnosticism as a topic of interest and might be interested in Ministry

Several are here because they are interested in pursuing/already
undertaking Formational studies. for Gnostic Priesthood.

It has been said that many gnostics are 'stuck in the heads' and are
only interested in learnig from books or that we don't know how to
translate our intellectual knowledge into actual 'praxis' - practises
that help us in the world.

Mindfulness and devotion need to be practised.

So I have a small challenge for all of you.

This is a challenge relating to Ministry, less than being purely
Gnosticism, per se. It is relatively easy and certainly inexpensive,
but requires committment and a little work.

As there is a wide range of ages and backgrounds in the people in
this group, often times people need to be nurtured in their
understanding of what is meant when we ask for devotion and

Here it is:

-Buy a small plant; $5 or less.
-Google everything you can find out about the type of plant that you
-Take care of the plant *every day* for a month; water it, but don't
over-water it; feed it; talk to it; make certain it stays healthy.

Do this every day for a month. Do it at the same time of day, and say
a prayer in front of it while you are taking care of it. Do this
mindfully and with intent.

This little exercise will tell you a lot about your personal Path
within gnosticism or spirituality:

If you don't buy a plant, what does that say about your compassion or
openess to learning?

If you buy one, but neglect it, what does that say?
If you buy one, nurture it, but it dies anyways, there is a lesson to
be learned.

If you buy a plant, nurture it, learn about it and devote a little
time to it, then apply for Formation. :)

I will do the same this weekend.

Talk about your experience here.

Don't think that this little exercise is silly; there is no other way
to learn *Ministry* than by taking care of another living thing. You
can't read about it, you can't let someone else do it, you can't
neglect it.

And to do soemthing *mindfully* in your own service, while practising
a prayer and being involved Gnostically, will give you an opportunity
for self-reflection every day.

Oh - and don't use a plant you already have, dedicate this
time/moment and new life to your own nurture and use a new one for
this purpose.

Seriously; see what you can learn by this.

Rev Ken+

So, I bought three plants yesterday, to spruce up the house a bit. I'll pick one (or all three) and take the challenge. Will you?

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