Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Separate Compartments

“Theology, mysticism, spirituality, moral rules, worship, art: these things must not be kept in separate compartments. " - The Orthodox Church, Timothy Ware, p. 207

As I'm trying to write my paper on this book, and desperately seeking any distraction, I started to think a bit about separate compartments. Pauline Kilar writes a blog entry about unifying her mind, making sacrifices, and the voices that plague her with doubt. This also reminds me of separate compartments.

I think our human, binary tendency to divide is not a good thing, all the time. Sometimes it is, and when it is it works well. Sometimes it is not, and when used at inappropriate times, it's horrendous.

Heretical Ideas gives me a quote about separating the artist and the scientist. Again, this idea of the syncretic being superior to the individuated.

The Angry Nurse asks "Why does one group have to be right and one group wrong?" in reference to the publication and furor around the Gospel of Judas.

And someone had posted somewhere that they had decided to stop thinking in "Or" and start thinking in "AND", as in "Right and Wrong" instead of "Right Or Wrong", but of course I can't find the post now.

Mostly, I think my problem is that I'm TRYING to write, instead of just writing. I hope this blog entry will help me through that.

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Mary and the Widow's Son said...

Perhaps an even better model of the world than "right or wrong" or even "right AND wrong" is a simple "what works and what doesn't work."

Right and wrong, though we want to believe otherwise, are always relative to time and place and to the person or group making the value judgement, not universal truisms.

— Widow's Son
The Burning Taper