Wednesday, April 19, 2006

More Conclave!

Well, I didn't post before Tuesday.

Saturday we did the Easter Vigil Mass. I was able to assist as an acolyte, meaning I got to do the opening prayers, the readings, etc. Then came the ordination.

There's something about laying face down on the ground, arms outstretched, that really puts things in perspective. You have some time to think as "The Prayer of St. Francis" plays in the background. You consider what you're doing. How this is the moment, and there's no going back. How after this, your life will be different. How from now on, you'll be conforming your own goals to a higher purpose.

When the Bishop brought me to my feet, I could see my wife had been crying, and I was so moved myself. I knelt before the Bishop, and felt a glowing light enter me, or emanate from me. It was a very profound and life-changing moment.

[Incidentally, it's kind of odd that the guy you were joking with and having a few beers with the night before, becomes THE BISHOP during mass, with his mitre (cool hat) and robes. He really put on the office during mass, you could see it. I was astounded.]

It was an amazing ceremony. After the ordination, I was immediately put to work, of course, assisting the Bishop with the mass. The first communion I gave was to my wife, which was also very moving.

Afterwards, we retired to a parishoner's house, and had a feast! Matthew and Sylvia were wonderful hosts, and MAN can they cook! We all sat around, drinking wine and joking about "the bells of St. Joe's" as we clinked the glasses in toasts to absent friends, and new ones.

Sunday, we went to a Moravian Church. Incidentally, the Pastor was from Wisconsin. Nice guy, but he looked and acted entirely too much like Ned Flanders from the Simpsons. Very Protestant in their ceremony, but quite accepting in their theology.

[Might seem strange to some that we went to another, different church after just celebrating our own. We didn't have a building reserved for Easter Sunday, and since we're Gnostics, we feel free to attend other churches if they're open to having us.]

Sunday Afternoon, we had a mass, to consecrate some hosts for me to take home (since I can't do it myself), and the instruments of the altar I'll need to do the Mass of Pre-sanctified Gifts.

I still need to get a few more things: Alb, altar clothes, Cincture, collar shirt, etc. But, they'll come in time.

We left Calgary on Monday Afternoon, and had an uneventful journey back. I was afraid my wife (who doesn't have a passport) would be stopped at the border. However, everything went through fine.

Now, back to work.

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Patriotic_Mason said...

Congratualtions on your ordination Scott.