Monday, March 06, 2006

Talking about Love


Some people ask a dervish (someone who knows many things and has good qualities)
“What is the difference between people only talk about love, and those who practice love?”
He replies, "Let me show you." He then prepares a small banquet, first he invites those who talk about love. They show up and settle down around the table. Soup is served and the visitors given “dervish spoons” with very long handles. The Dervish tells them to eat using the spoons. They tried to eat but with those long handles it was very hard not to let soup splush. So they give up and leave the table still hungry.
Then the Dervish asks for people who really practice love, they are served in the same way with soup and long handled spoons. They take some soup, then feed the person sitting across the table, they all get full and thank God for the blessing of food.
The Dervish says: “He who only thinks about himself in life’s meal shall remain hungry. And, those who think about their brother before himself and feeds him, shall be fed by his brothers. Do no forget indeed, it is bigger profit to give rather than recieve.

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