Tuesday, November 01, 2005


It's odd. Jordan Stratford+ mentions that on Halloween, "one finds pennies in peculiar places". Now, I was trying to get my 'new' (meaning different) car started, and it was having problems. I looked down, and there was a penny, head up. I picked it up, and have had good luck since. Things just seem effortless.

Very odd.

P.S. Like the new look on the blog, Jordan.


j74151@gmail.com said...

I'm an old friend of Fred Snyder, how do you know the man?


Scott Rassbach said...

I met him years ago in New Orleans. He read at my wedding. Then he just kind of disappeared. Do you have any idea of his current whereabouts? I'm interested to see where his propheting has taken him.

I also want to make sure, it's the Fred Snyder who was married to Charlie, and wrote a book about his love letters to her, correct?

How do you know him?

Anonymous said...


Fred passed away about a month after Hurricane Katrina.


Reverend Father Scott Rassbach said...


Good to hear from you, sorry to hear about Fred.

Can you reply with some sort of email, or a phone number, so we can catch up. It's been a long time, lots has happened.


Reverend Father Scott Rassbach said...


Got your number, I'll call you tonight if that's OK. I'm at work now.

If tonight's not good, let me know a good time.

Good to hear from you.