Thursday, November 17, 2005

Masons and Conflict

Another post of masonic Interest, this one detailing how some Masons deal with opposition to their values:

Hello Brothers. It has been a while since I have wrote at all. I finally figured out why Preachers preach about you havening to go to church for the fellowship if nothing else.

It is the same with a Mason. If you haven't been to lodge in a while like me then you start missing the fellowship. If anyone has a list of anything Masonic in Catoosa or Walker County, Ga. Please put me on it. Things are finally getting where I can start going again.
We had a guest preacher in church a few months ago, and I really don't remember what his message was about, it turned into cults and 30 minutes on the Masons.
After the service, A Friend said to me, after that, I sure hope there were know Masons in the service. I told him not to worrk about it, they would probably find the sermon as Hilarious as I did. Later he asked me what I meant by that and I simply told him that My family has been Masons back to before the American Revolution, and probably before that.
(Frederick Hambright, Mason, American Revolution, helped in Congress)
(Adam Amaziah Nichols, Mason, Confederate Soldier in the Civil war.)
(John McClain, Mason, Confederate Soldier in the Civil War, Marshall of Rossville, Walker County, Ga.)
These are just a few of my ancestors. I told that the only thing about Masons he got right was how to pronounce the name.
It was rather comical. Though it hurt to see people mislead and lied to. I wanted to stand up and yell, "You are one stupid person."

But my father always said "Let the ignorant be ignorant"

How would any of you address this matter, or would you say anything at all.

I can hold my peace, I honestly was worried that I would affend hime by laughing to loud while he was preaching.

The subject was something like the doctrines that Cults teach.
Any way thanks for listening fellows. Ernie Nichols Rossville #397

Thanks, Ernie, for letting me post this.

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