Tuesday, November 01, 2005

All Saints Day

His Excellency +Iohannes, Patriarch of the Apostolic Johannite Church, had a powerful post on the Johannite mailing list. I quote an excerpt:

Those who have cleared the path for us have made the spiritual,
emotional and mental environments where by the traditions and
realizations of the past are not just blankly communicated (as if in a
holy book or letter) to us but allow us to directly experience and
know these things as they knew them by following in their footsteps.

It is the contrast of the sorrow of forgetfulness that makes the power
of Remembrance so encompassing, so important and oddly enough so
vitally Now.
He then goes on to remember those who've passed before on our journey: St. John, St. Valentinius, St. Jaques de Molay, etc. He adds some who've paved his way personally.

I'd like to acknowledge those who've gone before me, and paved my own way: Steven Rassbach, my father; Majorie Rassbach, my grandmother; Arthur Rassbach, My grandfather; Charolette Martenson, my grandmother; Philip K. Dick, author and Gnostic; Allen E. Roberts, Freemason; Fred Snyder, Prophet and author, Fr. O'Reilly, Roman Catholic Priest. These people have shaped my understanding of the world, and of God, and I remember them on this day.

Lord, hear our prayer.

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