Tuesday, October 25, 2005

More on the Masonic Egregore

The Masonic egregore is an almost tangible presence.
As a 14 year-old DeMolay, I would sit in the semi-darkness of the lodge room after Chapter meetings almost overcome with reverie. It was so thick I could cut it. It was easy for me to feel centuries of floor work and ritual -- time and space dissolved and I believed I was sitting in every lodge room on earth in every age of the Craft's existence. (I was a strange lad.) It felt more sacred than any church I had ever attended. I hated it when Dad Cooley told me to, "Get out of there and go home."
36 years later when I finally took my EA it all came back to me -- only this time more profoundly. When I heard the words, "... who have gone this way before.'" I had a full-blown mystical experience. I didn't know whether to cry or giggle or faint or die. From that moment forward I felt I was an essential part of an infinite machine -- ecstatically locked into an irresistible moving process that carried me through the doors and to the altar and around the lodge room. For a timeless moment the universe was in order -- in harmony -- and I wasn't just along for the ride, but I (or what was left of "I") was now the indispensable key to that order -- to that harmony.
I feel it in every lodge room I visit. It's like walking into sacred Jell-O.

-Bro:. Lon Milo DuQuette
Long Beach Lodge # 327 F.& A.M.
Long Beach Scottish Rite Bodies
Long Beach California

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