Monday, October 10, 2005

Freemasonry - Intro

A reader asked for a post on Freemasonry. I'm a passionate advocate for the Fraternity, so I'm delighted to speak about it a bit.

First off, although Freemasonry bills itself as Universal, in some respects it is very individualistic. If you are a member, you will find a great joy in visiting other lodges in other states and countries, and seeing how their rituals and initiations differ from the ones you use at home.

Second, Freemasonry takes a lot of time. I don't mean there's a lot of work, simply that it moves slowly. In the UK and much of Europe, expect at least a year between degrees. In the US there's usually a couple months between each degree.

Third, the memory requirments for Freemasonry have been lessened in almost all lodges in the U.S. I believe it might be a little stricter in the south than in the north. I know that in Wisconsin it's practically non-existent.

Fourth, in order to become a Freemason, you don't need to be related or anything like that. You simply need to ask a Freemason for a petition. Generally, there will be some sort of interview with members of the lodge. Then, the lodge votes on your petition, and if approved, you are initiated into the lodge. Generally, not a hard thing to do. It helps if you know a freemason to vouch for your character, but it is not required.

I'll post some more later.


acaciathoughts said...

I like your topics. I am petitioning my local lodge now. I hope to see more of the like posts in the future. I am listening to the Kabbalah podcasts right now. They are pretty good. Have you ever read any of the books like Bahir,etc?


Scott Rassbach said...

No, I haven't read to many Kabbalah books. Right now, I'm studying Tarot and trying to get my head around how the Tree of Life matches with the different cards. It's fascinating, and I've found the Kabbalah podcasts give me a good grounding in Jewish thought, and a basis from which to proceed.

What lodge are you petitioning?

arod said...

Good post!