Monday, October 10, 2005


I've actually had a few dreams lately. Normally, I don't dream. I actually went to the Doctor, and she said there might be some sort of recurring physical motion (sleep apnia or restless leg syndrome) that's keeping me from truely sleeping. That might be the reason I feel about the same after 4 hours or 10 hours of sleep.

Anyway, one of the dreams I had simply was a phrase that I woke up with. "How terrible it must be to be French, always doomed to failure." Not a clue as to what that was about.

The second dream was a little more involved. I was playing poker, dressed in a tux with the tie undone and suspenders. I had just finished playing poker, and was ready to go down and hit the casino. I got in the elevator, and went into this huge lobby that was one floor up from the casino. It had a lot of guys standing at the tops of escalators, I think they were supposed to be hotel check in guys. The only way down was to take the stairs, way on the right.

Now, the escalators had these wavy wooden sort of artsy ramps next to them, and all the escalators were going up. I asked the nearest hotel checkin guy "Isn't there a down escalator?" He said "no, I'm sorry sir, you have to take the stairs." Well, I wasn't about to do that, so I started slipping and sliding down the ramp, afraid I'd fall.

About halfway down, I realized "Hey, I'm dreaming!" Then I stood up and surfed down the rest of the ramp, landing lightly in front of the casino. Then, I thought "Where's my wife?" and I woke up.

Very strange.

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