Thursday, August 11, 2005

Archons sitting on my back

Sorry I haven't posted more about my formation progress. Course, there hasn't been much. I've gotten a new assignment (The Law and Ministry), and I'll be reading all kinds of books about those topics in the next few weeks (One called Ministry and the Law, another the Canon Law for the Johannite Church).

After I've read the law, I'll be curious to know how this was all agreed upon by the church. Was it just an episcopal committee, or was their input from the laity and lower clergy as well. The question comes to mind, as I read about how the Catholic Church developed much of it's canon law, in "The Catholic Church: A short history" by Hans Küng.

However, the archons have been tossing lots of wonderful little distractions my way. The mortgage check got all screwed up, and now I think it'll hit a NSF charge, and I can't talk to the bank because they're closed. I've got a work project that I should be doing right now, and we just had to make the house spic-n-span for an appraisal to refinance so we can adopt. WHEW! And yet, I find time to write in my blog.

Ah well, things are starting to resolve. Obstacles shall be overcome. Papers shall be written, and life will proceed apace. Time: It's what keeps everything from happening all at once.

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