Friday, July 15, 2005

The Divinity of Christ

I've been reading in "Christian Theology: an Introduction" about the divinity of Christ. One of the things I came across is the idea that Jesus had to be both Man and God in order for the Redemption to be effected.

Under Gnostic thought, this is the case with every human, as we each have a part and parcel of the Sacrae Flamme. This leads to the idea that Jesus, in his being, was not special, as he is under orthodox formulations. Which makes the idea of Gnostic Christianity a little stranger, for why would we commemorate a person who wasn't special?

For the Christ (or Xristos) under Gnostic thought was not a particular human being. I haven't really pursued the idea very far of what the Xristos WAS, mind you. I'll be doing more research and thinking on that subject. However, the idea that it was a particular human named Yeshua bar Joseph doesn't seem to figure into it. I'll post more on the topic as I progress.


Jordan Stratford+ said...

Scott - I highly recommend Tom Harpur's "The Pagan Christ" on this topic, it's an excellent read.

Pax Pleroma,


Scott Rassbach said...

Thanks, +Rev. I've got it on order from the library.

+Sar Shimun said...

"The Pagan Christ" is excellent. You can also take a look at Rowan Williams "Arius: Heresy and Tradition" for a look at the subject from a more 'orthodox' perspective.

J+ II :)