Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Egregores, Hitler, Boogymen, and Memes

The Occult Investigator has an interesting article about Nazi's, Godwin's law, etc. It got me thinking about a separate issue.

Has Hitler attained one of his aims, and become immortal? Is he an egregore, a sort of group mind or astral projection that we've created to represent all that is evil, inhuman, and diametricly and drastically opposed to our position? Will this empire of Nazism last 1000 years, with Hitler as the Devil?

It's an interesting though. carlos said:

but what i find interesting is that this “meme” would have been yet another ignored comment were it not named. calling an idea “godwin’s law” or “moore’s law” increases the virulence of the idea, because people find it easier to adopt, manage and use ideas if they are readily identifiable. but for godwin’s law to really take off it needs a symbol and a theme tune.

So, that idea spreads. however, Hitler seems to have a sort of presence beyond what is granted a meme. The invocation of his name in reference to an opponent stops all meaningful discussion (assuming the discussion wasn't about fascism to begin with) and signals the handwaving to begin.


I guess it's a stronger egregore than I thought.


albion said...

if you want to get farther into that, check out these books:

arktos: the polar myth in science, symbolism and nazi survival, by joscelyn godwin.

which has some wild theories, like hitler escaped the bunker via a tunnel leading to an airfield, where a ufo picked him up and took him to a secret undergound nazi base in antarctica, where he still directs covert operations from the astral plane.

and hitler: the survival myth, by donald m. mckale. which is more of a straight history of various postwar 'hitler sightings', mostly in south america.

but beyond the myths, there are still plenty of real nazis out there.

Scott Rassbach said...

Cool. Thanks for the book suggestions. And I know there's more nazis out there. Not sure how "real" they are.

albion said...

hehe.. stefano delle chiaie is definitely real. another aspect of that, i think, is that occultist neofascists like to build up their own myths, perhaps as intimidation and self-empowerment tactics.


dr.alistair said...

nazism reminds me of the the concept in the first hellraiser movie where a physical form manifested due to an act of moral evil(adultery). nazism will rise again when the environment is right. and,yes there are plenty of nazis out there and have been long before hitler was born.

Haeresis said...

I think certainly Hitler's become an egregore. UI wouldn't even be surprised to find him invoked like any other for whatever purpose.